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An interface for the EVM in the browser, to simulate and visualize your onchain activity, with special emphasis on the costs associated with it.

Think ~ Etherscan + Remix + Foundry.

Basically, it's a way to interact with a forked EVM chain, in a local-first environment, with a comprehensive set of actions/hacks/utilities exposed by Tevm—which is doing all the heavy lifting.

The state of each chain is the initial fork + all the local transactions, which are displayed in the history with all the details (data, errors, logs, inputs...).

And also, and that's one of the main points of savvy, details on the gas usage of each transaction (fee, L1 submission fee if relevant...).

You can think of it as a way of simulating a set of transactions, and visualizing the results, without having to actually send them to the network.

With no setup (wallet, signatures, etc.), in the browser, from any account (impersonation), with any amount of native tokens.

This open-source initiative is released under the MIT License.
It is mostly built upon Tevm.